Audible Text Outline

International Business

Environments and Operations

11th ed.

Daniels, Radebaugh, and Sullivan



Chapter 01 Globalization and International Business

Chapter 02 The Cultural Environments Facing Business

Chapter 03 The Political and Legal Environments Facing Business

Chapter 04 The Economic Environment

Chapter 05 Globalization and Society

Chapter 06 International Trade and Factor Mobility Theory

Chapter 07 Governmental Influence on Trade

Chapter 08 Cross National Cooperation and Agreements

Chapter 09 Global Foreign Exchange and Capital Markets

Chapter 10 The Determination of Exchange Rates

Chapter 11 The Strategy of International Business

Chapter 12 Country Evaluation and Selection

Chapter 13 Export and Import Strategies

Chapter 14 Direct Investment and Collaborative Strategies

Chapter 15 The Organization of International Business

Chapter 16 Marketing Globally

Chapter 17 Global Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management

Chapter 18 International Accounting Issues

Chapter 19 The Multinational Finance Function

Chapter 20 Human Resource Management






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